Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nash vs. Harlock - what to get?

When I wrote my article about the Deathstroke raid prizes, I was very excited about Nash's Lightning Carrier, and my plan for the raid was to get 27M points, to earn 5 Nash and the new Dragonfly UAV.  I sort of ignored the Harlock as a slightly improved version of the Atlas we are already familiar with.  I followed that up with an article with an analysis of how many Dragonflys were needed to get a full debuff in a FvF situation in a reasonable amount of time, and put that info into making a Nash build.

I'll call the early reviews on the Nash carrier "mixed".  Some like them and some don't.  So as I finished my 27M points this morning, I decided to take another look at the Harlock.

I built the Harlock with the same concept as the Nash I built - 15 Dragonfly minimum, Compound Armor, Evade, Phalanx to fill up space, and I ended up with a 4 ship fleet:!705U00V0W1N1N1S0C5B191O1O1S1S1O1S1S05U00V0W1N1N1S0C5B191O1O1S1S1O1S1S05U00V0W1N1N1S0C5B191O1O1S1S1O1S1S05U00V0W1N1N1S0C5B191O1O1S1S1O1S1S0ZZ

In case you missed it - here is the link to the Nash build:!706601N1N5B0C2M0I194Q1S1S1S1O1O06601N1N5B0C2M0I194Q1S1S1S1O1O06601N1N5B0C2M0I194Q1S1S1S1O1O06601N1N5B0C2M0I194Q1S1S1S1O1O06601N1N5B0C2M0I194Q1S1S1S1O1O

This would be a 4 ship fleet - base turn on the Harlock is only 14, so I went back to Speed System instead of Engine.  Let's compare stats:

Nash's 5 fleetHarlock's 4 fleet
UAV Damage Bonus59%60%
Missile Resist61%67%
Explosive Resist35%53%
Ballistic Resist35%33%
Radioactive Resist0%40%
Combat Speed25.217.6
Turn Speed29.030.8
Ship Build Time13d 15h 38m14d 4h 44m
Fleet Build Time68d 6h 9m58d 18h 56m

I think a very interesting observation is that the built-in UAV bonus damage on the Harlock makes up for the extra special slot on the Nash.  

You can see that the Harlock fleet will hit harder, take a lot more damage, and build faster.  The only significant advantage of the Nash fleet is the speed - which is a BIG DEAL in FvF.  But in the latest raid format, a Nuke Cruiser Fleet with a 17 speed would not be a sitting duck because it could hit so hard.  UAV chaining is nice, but not a must-have.  The extra fleet slot in the Harlock could even be used for a Spectre decoy or a Superfortress cargo ship.

I'm leaning Harlock, but I'll put up a poll so I can hear what you think about it.