Fleet Reference

For those of you who have visited this page more than once, you may have noticed I'm falling a bit behind on maintaining it.  If you are looking for a wide range of good fleet builds, I suggest you check out the builds at The Battle Pirates Crib:


This page holds 'reference fleets' that I talk about in my posts.  I won't guarantee these are the best fleets ever, but they are at least built with a little bit of thought and generally try to take advantage of the special characteristics of the hull and ship components. 

POST: Forsaken Mission 29 Jan 2014 - The Sawfish
Stingray / Sawfish comparison - Assault Z / Evade FvF build
All Assault Z, Speed System 3, Guidance Scrambler 3, D4-E Armor, (Cannon System 3 on the Sawfish, HB3/AL3 on the Stingray)

POST: Analysis - Cluster Warheads vs. More Rockets (or "Why Specials are Special")
Basic Hellstrike Build
3 Infernos, Speed System 3, Alloy CX-3, CW3, Agility3, Evade Armor 

POST: Optimizing Your Armor - Survival Time (part 2)
Basic Nuke Cruiser Build (5 ship, High Evade)
6 D92-U, Speed System 3, Compound D5X, GS3, Evade Armor 

Chaingun Stingray Build
6 Chain1, 1 Chain2, SS3, HB3, AL3, GS3, 2xD4E
Torrent MCX Build
5 Torrent 3, 1 Torrent 2, Speed3, GS3, LT3, 4xD2E
http://www.dahippo.com/bp/ship/#!404I50W0W0U111S0CA5A5A5A5A6A5A50J650U0U0U0U0R0C1VA9AAAAAAAAAA0ZZ0ZZ0ZZ  (one of each)

POST: The Most Important Hull in the Game is...
Speed Spectres
6 Assault Torp V (use B if you have them), Eng3, Bat3, 2xD3M, 1xD2V (all V armor is a good choice too)
Stealth Spectres
6 Siege Torp C (use Assault B if you have them), Speed3, Cat3, 2xD2S, 1xD2V (all V armor or all S armor are also good choices)
Decoy Spectre
4 Vortex Torp-T (use any number depending on your preference), Reaver Scout Eng, Bat3, no armor
http://www.dahippo.com/bp/ship/#!402U00L0L0L0I1D4F4F4F4F4F4F02U015150L1S1G4J4J4J4J4J4J02U0000000621D004B4B004B4B0ZZ0ZZ  (all 3 subs)

POST: New Forsaken Mission Items - Crossbow 3, Napalm Missile, and UAV Powercell
Base Defense Atlas
8 Hornet UAV, HP3, GS3, Powercell, Pen3, 3xD3E

POST: Riptide - Pre-raid advice
Anti-Reaver Vanguard / Hellstrike fleet  
(this will need rework if your Hells are R1 or better)
2 Inferno Hellstrikes, 1 Countermeasure Vanguard

POST: More Chaos Mortar Thoughts and a Nuke Cruiser Build
Flex Base hitter/Drac Base Nuclear Cruiser Fleet
4 NCs or 3 NCs, 1 Countermeasure Triton, 1 Decoy Spectre

POST: Countermeasure Ships - To Be or Not to Be
Flex Drac Base/Weekly MCX fleet 
4 Siege Missile MCX, 1 Countermeasure MCX, 1 Decoy Spectre
4 Siege Missile MCX - phalanx without CM special, 1 decoy Spectre
4 Siege Missile MCX - phalanx with CM special, 1 decoy Spectre