Friday, January 31, 2014

Forsaken Mission 29 Jan 2014 - Agility System

For the second part of my Forsaken Mission Prize analysis, let's look at Agility System.

Agility System
As Kixeye does for its other "system" specials, they have combined two specials into one to create a useful combo special, saving you slots.  The Agility System combines Guidance Scrambler, boosting Evade, and Shielded Electronics, helping Stun/Slow resistance.

FYI: Stun resistance decreases the time affected by pinch rockets.  Slow resistance decreases the time affected by disruptor weapons.

(click table to expand)

The table above shows the relative weight and effectiveness for the system.  It's like combining GS2 with SE2.5.  The weight is pretty good for what you get - the drop in evade from GS3 isn't too bad and it weighs less.  Of course, if you don't need the slow/stun resist then you might as well use GS2 instead of GS3.  The painful part is the long build time.  SE3 was already a long build at over 20 hours.  Most level 3 specials take around 12 hours, even "systems".  Other long specials to build are Siege Targeting (48 hrs) and Hydrodynamic Shells (27 hrs).  But if you need the evade AND the resist, agility system is a great choice - special slots are tough to come by.

USE IT FOR: Blitz base fleets (yeah, I'm looking at you Hellstrike), anti-reavers, maybe any other ballistic fleet.  

FORGET IT FOR: If you want to save some weight over GS3, just use GS2.  Creeper base fleets will stay out of range of player disruptors.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Forsaken Mission 29 Jan 2014 - The Sawfish

For the first new mission after the raid, Kixeye introduced three new items:  The Sawfish hull, Agility System, and the Assault Disrupter D33-D.  I'll talk about each over the next couple posts, but I'll start with the Sawfish.  New hulls are cool, right?

This hull is the lower end ballistic hull that we were all expecting.  It is in the same vein as the Mercury, Mauler, Mako, or Rampart, with reduced capability compared to its bigger brother hull, but also reduced build time.  The Sawfish compares fairly closely to the Stingray, but is it worth it?

I highlighted the major shortcomings of this hull in red - Special slots are huge, but you wouldn't expect a second-class hull to have 4 slots.  The lack of ballistic accuracy bonus and evade bonus are also big shortcomings compared to the Stingray, and would be the primary reasons any decent Stingray fleet will chew up a Sawfish.  The reload bonus at R5 also helps the Stingray do that much more damage.  Yes, there's lower turn speed and 1 less weapon slot, but those aren't as important as the other statistics where it falls really short.

I looked at a Stingray vs a Sawfish build, using a basic FvF build emphasizing Evade & using Assault Cannon Z on each hull.  The build is on my Fleet Reference Page, or see it on BP Outpost. Since the BPOutpost Shipyard doesn't have the ray yet, I put both builds on the Ray template for comparison.  Correcting for the hull time, the Sawfish builds in 10.5 days, compared to 14.5 for the Stingray.  But the Stingray comes in at 4712 tons, where the Sawfish is 3980.  This means that the fewer slots on the Sawfish result in it being difficult to use the full weight capacity - Chainguns may help since they are heavier, but do similar DPS per ton as assault cannons.

You need a ballistic FvF and you are looking at using the Battleship, BCX, or Mercury.  The Battleship can take a lot of damage, but is often too slow to get into its best range.  The BCX doesn't have the weight or weapon capacity, and the Mercury doesn't have the ballistic bonus.  Consider Chainguns as a good weapon choice for the Sawfish to use up the max weight capacity.

You have Stingrays.