Friday, May 30, 2014

Crunching the Weapon Revisions - Part 2: Missiles

OK - part 2 of the weapon changes.... Missiles.  The numbers here reflect the revision after the original post.

Source Material here:

Remember, these changes aren't in the game yet. 

Remember the colors on the chart - changes are in green, important changes are in blue.

Missiles Chart:

And the rundown:

Rapier Missile:  With the big range boost, these are becoming usable in the early game, but still not an important weapon.
Cutlass Missile:  With their poor accuracy AND poor damage, these used to be useless as soon as assault missiles were available.  Now, Cutlass match range with Assault Missiles, do more damage, and build faster.  I don't see the point of Assault Missiles anymore. (of course Hornets already made assault missiles obsolete anyway).  
Strike Missile:  The Range bump is nice because they continue to match Siege Missiles.  I always thought Strike Missiles were underrated - they do great DPS/hton for missiles, and they are getting even better.  Their drawback is that they are too light to stand up against big fleets.
Assault Missiles:  They no longer get the building damage nerf, but they are now eclipsed by Cutlass.  They take too long to build too.
Siege MIssile (E,V,A): The damage boost on the Siege Missiles means that the non-F versions of the Siege Missile will now do more building damage than the F version.  Did you work your butt off for Siege F recently?  Are you upset?  More range doesn't hurt either.
Torrent Missiles:  The big weakness on these recently released missiles is their short range, so the extra range is is a big help.
Downpour Missiles: Build time is cut, range is improved a little, and so is the damage for 1 & 2.  These are improved, but I still don't imagine we'll be seeing these too much more often.  

I'll probably combine the explosive weapons in a third post to wrap this up.