Saturday, May 17, 2014

DeathStroke - B set tips and How many Dragonflys?

I hope your raid is going well - I've been hitting B sets and got my 10 bonuses so far (a little under 13 million points).  I'll share a few tips:

My overall strategy on the B sets has been: 

Draconian Targets (41 & 43): Use Nuke Cruisers with Launchers (my fleet's not fully armored yet, but usable).  Take out the Interdictors (keep driving until they separate), then retreat.  Send in the battery specs to finish the MCX and Nuke Cruiser - which have no sonar. 

Reaver Targets (42 & 44): I use my Vanguard (Engine Disruptor & Countermeasures) with 2 Hellstrikes.  In the 42, I retreat with just the two Enforcers remaining and send in the battery specs - take out one and retreat, then take out the other.  The 44 is tricky - I generally try to take out the small ships and the Enforcer - then sail to the left out of range of the Napalm ship and engage the Grimshine all by itself (triple napalm SUCKS).  Then I retreat and bring in the battery specs to take out the Napalm ship.  This doesn't always work too well.  I made it a little easier on myself by equipping a Molotov Maidens and hitting a bunch of 44s in a row.

Warzone (45): Back to the Nuke Cruisers - head straight for the mothership and kill it along with anything else that gets in range.  The Proto-Nemesis should be dead or mostly dead.  Sometimes you can retreat and bring in bat specs to kill off the MCX, or just finish them with the Nukes.

Overall, I find the best points/repair are the 42 & the 45... now that my bonuses are done, I may just grind on those two targets.  We'll see if I can find some easy A targets.

Dragonflys vs. Hornets:
So I was thinking about Lightning Carrier builds and the Hornets with their better DPS, and the Dragonflys with their debuff, and I wanted to determine the optimal mix.  I think what will work best is to have enough Dragonflys to get the full debuff, and the rest Hornets.  

So how many Dragonflys?  I have to make one big assumption - I'm going to guess the Dragonfly debuff lasts 10 seconds.  The max debuff is 45%, with 3% per hit, which means you'll need 15 hits x 5 ships = 75 hits to fully debuff a fleet of 5 ships.  The Dragonflys launch every 4 seconds, and hit every 1.5 seconds.  I'm not going to trot out that UAV Sim I did a while back... but I'll estimate about a 1 second flight time.  

This table shows what time we would expect hits to land for a series of Dragonfly launches:
UAV Launch 1UAV Launch 2UAV Launch 3
1st hit time159
2nd hit time2.56.510.5
3rd hit time4812
4th hit time5.59.513.5
5th hit time71115

If we sort the hits, then we can see how long it takes for a certain number of volleys to land:

And then looking at the number of Dragonflys in a fleet:
DragonflysVolleys to 75 hitsTime to 75 hits

Looking at that last table, the time to build up a full debuff isn't that much different from 25 Dragonflys to 15, but after that the time starts to drop off, and at 5 Dragonflys, you probably won't ever build up a full debuff.

So my Lightning Build: 

Good luck Pirates!