How to Keep Up With the BP Professor

How to Keep up with the BP Professor:

Bookmark: and come to the site whenever you feel like it.   

Facebook: When I publish new articles I post a link on the Battle Pirates Crib and the BP on Battle Vortex pages. I usually will try to put a little extra chart, explanation, or summary on the Crib post.  If you have a Facebook group and want me to post an announcement of new articles on your page, let me know.

Kixeye Forums: This is my least favorite way of getting the word out - I put a post up in the Battle Pirates General Discussion area, but I think it gets buried pretty quick, and a few forum denizens consider my notfications spammy.  For articles based on unofficial/leaked data, they will be closed and buried, so I am going to stop promoting articles of that sort on the Kixeye site.

E-mail: You can enter an email address under the "Follow by Email" at the bottom of the page and you will get an email when new posts go up.  I don't actually get your email address when you do this - I don't even know how many people are subscribed via email.  

The Follow By Email tool

RSS: If you use an RSS reader (I use one called feedly), use the following URL for the feed: 

My Feedly Page: