Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Quick post on Allegiance Prizes

Sorry dear readers, but I don't have time to give this raid a write-up at the level of detail it deserves.  I'm not going to promote this article, but if you come here looking for ideas, here they are.  I'll share some quick thoughts:

The Vanquisher:

The hull is sort of weird - you have 500,000 armor points, but no resistances and no capability to add resistance.  With only a 2 hour repair time for those armor points, do not add armor to this hull.  All you will do is add a small percentage to your total armor, but you'll multiply your repair time greatly.  Not worth it.

On the offensive side, Launchers and Countermeasures are your best bets.  The new Cyclone Launcher, with its high damage per shot (but low Shockwave) is the best way to damage the Revenge.  It still doesn't do enough damage to crack the 9000 deflection of the Vendetta, but adding Cryo Battery may slow them down enough for explosives to land more effectively.
For Countermeasures, use as many Gales as you can - you want to hold off those Vendettas from doing damage.  I would start with an offensive ship before CM though.

Here's what I'm thinking for a damage dealer in your base

The Emission Generator increases damage by increasing the multishot (more launcher flechettes doing the same amount of damage each).  It and the Interception System may also increase shockwaves, but I wouldn't rely on it.  The Cryo Battery will slow and debuff the enemy.  Agility System reduces the pinch vulnerability (Shielded Electronics is too heavy with the weird armor).   Resonance Capacitor increases damage even more.  I'm not sure if the ship's aura will activate itself, but the Vendetta's aura (I'm using one in my guard) will.

Emission Generator
This special obviously enhances the Cyclone Launcher, but it also will help Cobra Scatterguns with both multi shot and DoT damage.

In terms of what to get, its tough to recommend against the Vanquisher and that side of the prize list.  This ship will be key for base defense going forward.  If you go the assault route to "catch up" with the Apollo, you're kind of too late - this will be the last raid of this format and you might as well stick with Rhinos for Assault targets.  (whoops - as said in the comments.. we probably have one more raid in August of this format)

Raid - Harlock vs. Zoe
Players will need to choose sides: 
Harlock gives more defense at the cost of offense.
Zoe gives a similar amount of offense at the cost of defense.

I think the choice depends on how you do against the targets.  I use R4 Rhinos that deal a huge amount of damage.  Most of my targets sink quickly, so I'll be choosing Harlock since I can handle a little less offense when I get extra protection.  Players who find they have to shoot at the enemy for a while before they sink will probably be better off choosing Zoe.  You'll have to make your decision based on your assessment of the fleet.

Good luck in the raid pirates - If you're looking for more info - check out some of the YouTube shows out there - links to their sites are in the right sidebar.