Monday, July 25, 2016

New FM Prize - Reciprocator vs. Gatling Gun

Well I had a nice vacation week - and yet still managed to rank my Vanquishers on VXP weekend through Photon Browser (someone unplugged my home router before we left & I couldn't use my preferred method of Chrome Remote Desktop).

Anyway we have new FM prizes to run through.  Given my time constraints and the lateness of this article, I'm going to write an article on the new weapon, and try to give it a good comparison against the CGG.  Later this week, I'll write another article on the new Minigun Turret, and compare its effectiveness against common attackers.

Concussive Reciprocator

It does seem like a little brother to the Concussive Gatling Gun with lighter weight, but its only fire mode with an 86 range will do the same amount of damage per salvo as the CGG will in its 68 range primary mode.

The following chart shows a comparison of the weapon performance when mounted on a Revenge with fully retroed Siege Battery 3 and the Strike Warheads.

Above the black line, I did a standard DPS comparison while ignoring the windup.  Below the line, I tried to compute the time each weapon (mode) would take to deal out 50,000 points of blueprint damage.  I chose that number because it was 1/20th of 1 million points of damage, which would sink a Vanquisher (remember half damage).  The interesting thing is that although Kixeye seems to have gone into some effort to choose stats for windup and reload stacks, the minimum reload time of 0.2 seconds and the salvo time really are what seems to drive DPS over time for these weapons.

So the results are that the Secondary mode of the Gatling takes the longest to do a given amount of damage, but it can do so at the longest range.  The Reciprocator does the most damage with shorter range. It also has the longest decay time, so it has the best chance of staying wound up for the next target.

So if building a Revenge, which weapon should you choose?

For now, I don't think the weight matters too much - the Revenge with some armor and the heavier CGG isn't quite at max weight, but if you are weight-sensitive, the Reciprocator is significantly lighter... so keep an eye on that.

The range of the Gatling is extremely valuable for sniping targets at long range, and it is tough to pass that up.  When driven well, it can even outrange 105 range turrets due to the varying footprint size of ships vs. turrets.  Just keep in mind that if spotting for Vendettas, you cannot remote target off of the 104 Secondary range, just the 68 Primary range.  You'll want a launcher for spotting.

The Reciprocator does really good damage at medium range and it won't cool off like the Gatling's primary mode (which does similar damage).  But you'll have to utilize more of a rushing driving style in order to take advantage.  The Reciprocator also has a shorter build time.

Overall, you'll have to pick the weapon that suits your attacking style.  I consider this a benefit considering the new BP philosophy to control power creep.  Each new weapon should NOT obsolete the one before it.  But the flip side of that benefit is that shipbuilding is getting more complex, and you'll have to think carefully when building your fleet, instead of just picking the newest blueprints you have.