Friday, June 13, 2014

Tempest - Quick tips on A set

Yes, I tried my strategy that I used on the B set on the A set (only once so far).  I was pleased with the results, and although it won't be super quick, I think I will be able to complete this raid for very little coin.

Non-Reaper targets - 61, 63, 64, 65: The SW/Pred combo for getting the targets to prep themselves continued to work, with 1 - 5 tries needed.  The 65 was trickiest to prep - on my first try I gave up and used subs on the Dracs, then a NC fleet on the Mothership.   On my second try I got the Dracs to kill off the Mothership, so my subs took care of the rest with no damage.  On the 64 with the Typhoon, the drones wouldn't spot my sub, so they drove in circles in the center with everything else.  Once I had picked off all the ships except the Typhoon and the Drones (the Typhoon did spot my subs outside my torpedo range), I sent my 1 ED Vanguard 2 Hellstrike fleet and took out the Typhoon with less than 1 hour of repair.

Reaper target 62:  The Siege Missile MCX / Sonar BC combo worked well here too - slightly less than 2 hrs repair on my first try.  Some other people report good success using just Cat Drive Subs.

and just for reference:

Throwaway "Prep" Fleet:!70080060H03170E0F0F3F3F8050000H11110ZZ0ZZ0ZZ

Cat Drive Spectre Fleet:!70H00000G0182U51515151G1S4H4H4H4H4H4H82U51515151G1S4H4H4H4H4H4H82U51515151G1S4H4H4H4H4H4H82U51515151G1S4H4H4H4H4H4H

Vanguard/Hellstrike fleet:!004U00L0L0L0L0L5R2B1S19194L4L4L4L4M4M4M04060JU51K1E1E0U0U0U5E1S2L5N000000A019A0A00JU51K1E1E0U0U0U5E1S2L5N000000A019A0A00ZZ0ZZ

MCX/BC Sonar Fleet:!75J650V100V0V5B171S1A4L3L3L4M3L5J650V100V0V5B171S1A4L3L3L4M3L5J650V100V0V5B171S4L4M3L3L4M3L5J650V100V0V5B171S4L4L3L3L4M3L0H650O0O0O1S0C1402020202

This takes some skill and practice.  Luckily your subs don't have to be fully repaired to give it another try (just repair them to 1% if you need practice), and remember to kill off your flagship on your sub fleet before entering a target...

Good luck and try not to hate on Kix too much - it's nonproductive and unhealthy.