Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dear Kixeye....

Dear Kixeye,

I am a professional software engineer who works on safety-critical systems.  I have generally been willing to forgive the errors and glitches in the game because I know how difficult it can be to make a complex, real-time system.  Although a video game is not safety-critical, I think Battle Pirates is mission critical to you, since you are dependent on that game for your income.

However, your recent mistakes relating to dredge uranium amounts and F launcher build times go way beyond errors and glitches.  They are beyond simple misses in verification.  These aren't Flash issues. You put the wrong numbers out the door and had no clue you were doing it.

Please read up on basic software engineering:



Kixeye, you need to get your internal capabilities and processes up to the basic requirements of a professional software organization.

-The BP Professor