Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Update - my schedule

Aargh - it's been a little crazy in the Professor's ivory tower lately (so crazy he's writing in the third person), and he hasn't kept up the blog to his own liking.

(enough of that third person)

Recently, I would have liked to write articles on: 

The new round of FM prizes:
- put those Solar Reinforcements everywhere you have a free armor slot
- Splash Dispersion seems cool but I think you'll have to overlap a few for it to be really useful.
- Shockwave Plate 3 & 4 are useful on those Conqueror hulls vulnerable to Shockwaves.  Stack them up.


The FM mission 109s:
- Build a tank with M & X resistance.  Countermeasures are key for that.  
- Flagships are really useful.  Harlock Citadel best for its projectile speed, then a Savage Kodiak for M resist, then maybe a Dante's Novastorm for X resist.

And now on to the "what to get" article I should write about the next set of raid prizes.

On the new Raid Prizes:
- New missile based Conqueror stuff looks decent but I really haven't analyzed the DPS.  Missile is just another option, and I assume we will see a ballistic conqueror sometime in this raid cycle.
- The ballistic resistance on the Spite is a warning to those who overloaded on ballistic base defense.  I've always kept a Revenge in my base hitting fleet to account for that.  Spite will be another option.
- I would have loved the Spite if it had remote targeting.
- A reduced build time Neptune with its high Siege deflection might be a decent tank option for those working their way up, but with no Assault Resistance it will be vulnerable to the Rhino's missiles.  For Punisher tanks I generally advocate balancing M & X resistance, but on these you may want to emphasize M resist.
- Hellwraiths are fun to play with, and they will probably be the best way to get Uranium not too long after this raid cycle ends.  If you don't have them, and you do have any other conqueror hull, I would prioritize the Hellwraith over the Spite.
- Scythe & Death Scythe never really caught on.  Their build time is still really long (2+ days for regular Scythe, 3+ days for Death Scythe) and their flight time too slow to be worth it.
- I'm not super excited for the limited ST armor or Ampacity upgrade... just not good enough compared to the alternatives.

OK that's all - good luck in the raid.  I won't be publishing again (or on the Crib show) for two weeks at least.  Awesome stuff happening IRL but busy busy busy... I'm hoping to have enough time to do this raid, but won't get too bummed if I can't.

I also won't be advertising this article in the FB groups or Kixeye like usual - but of course feel free to share it yourself.