Sunday, August 28, 2016

Catch up on the new FM prizes

Hello pirates - I've been doing a bit of travelling, and then when I got back I was having a bit of connectivity trouble on my main computer so blogging has been a bit difficult.  This game has also been pretty time consuming lately ... I'll get to that. But right now I want to catch up on some of the FM Prizes.  I'm not going to give them a full treatment since I'm about a week and a half late, but I'll share a few thoughts on each.

Mimicus System

I was really looking forward to this special for Hellwraith builds, and I wasn't disappointed.  Although its stats aren't quite as good as the specialized Cat Drive or Battery when those are retrofitted, I like this quick-building combo special.  It lets me use Hunter special to increase torpedo damage on my Hellwraith build.!B0ZZ0NK0292A292A386S6T066EAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQC000C00NK0292A292A386S6T066EAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQC000C00NK0292A292A386S6T066EAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQC000C00NK0292A292A386S6T066EAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQC000C0dC

Although I show 4 subs in that fleet, I only have one completed right now.  The single sub was able to beat this latest set of Reaver Holdouts with about 40 min repair time per target.  Who got a Ghostcrawler blueprint completed today?  THIS GUY.


This weapon in in a similar class as the Frostbite & Scattergun turrets we have received lately for frontline base defense, however it is a ballistic weapon.  This is quite interesting because both the Vendetta and the Retribution (even at full bloodthirst) have no ballistic deflection - the only Conqueror hull (right now) with ballistic deflection is the Revenge.

As a ballistic turret, the first special that comes to mind to mount on these is Depleted Uranium Shells.  That special gives +50% damage and +40% accuracy bonus.  However, this is a splash weapon, not an aimed weapon, so the only advantage from that special is the 50% damage.  My Blunderbuss build looks like this:

Instead of DU Shells, I used the Supercharged EM Rails.  This special gives me a 25% chance of a 300% damage bonus.  This effectively adds 75% to my DPS, instead of the 50% added from the DU Shells.  For my other special, I used the Expanded Concussive Charge - the +60% splash should help against moving targets.  Possibly Eruption Pyre wouldn't be a bad choice either, but I liked the much larger splash vs. the Pyre's projectile speed.  

Anti-Missile Proliferation System

This special seems pretty specialized for Switchblades.  The extra accuracy with the extra shot makes the Switchblades more effective since they can have multiple shots at a single incoming missile... this makes it much less likely you will be overwhelmed by incoming missiles - always a risk with Switch.  

At a second look, I compared this special to Countermeasure Equipment 3.  When retrofitted to R15, that special gives the same range and accuracy bonus to anti-missile, does not have the multi-shot bonus, is 1% lighter, but it has about 12 hours extra build time.  So even for a Phalanx-only countermeasure build, this special might be a good value worth considering.

Corrosive Draconian Armor

This armor series isn't too different than the other Draconian armors we have seen lately - but it is the first armor we have to improve corrosive defense.

It might be very useful if you are still tooling up to fight 91 Mega Hull targets.  And even if you have collected your Gantry shards, and then collected your Hyperion shards... you still aren't done with those targets.

You could build something like this for 91s:!B07902G2G0U2G00386U350C032E2E2E2E2E2E2E2E2E2E0ZZ0ZZ0ZZ0ZZdC

This ship would be quite effective with other Apollos or as a lead for Rhinos.  Would I spend the nearly 4 weeks of build time on this?  Probably not (Remember - I won a Ghostcrawler today).  But if you are considering a Zoe Apollo... there you go.

I finished my Mega Hull very recently and found they are very Titanium hungry - once you have a Mega, if you want to keep adding weapons and upgrading it, you will quickly find you need to keep collecting titanium to continue.  You get 8000 titanium from beating a 91, but adding weapons or specials to your mega modules will eat that up quickly.  Manufacturing the resources to upgrade or add new Mega modules is also pretty Titanium intensive... so what I'm saying is two things:
- you're not done with those 91s once your Hyperion is started
- My Mega Hull build guide is coming soon (and not like Kixeye "coming soon")