Friday, February 19, 2016

Forsaken Mission Prizes - Basilisk Turret and Hydroxide Barrels

Since the last column was all about UAVs, including the new one, this one will round out the review of the new Forsaken Mission prizes.   Both of the other new prizes are for base defense - the Basilisk Turret and the Hydroxide Coated Barrels.

Basilisk Turret

With a range of 105, this turret is best on the front lines of your base defense and it will outrange all ship-borne weapons.  Make sure it is far enough away from other turrets that it won't get splashed or retargeted while your attackers are on their way in.  Its damage isn't that great but with a damage type of Corrosive, the only defense is Siege Deflection. It does have quick reload, so armoring up this turret may help it to survive just a little bit longer to fire an additional shot or two.

Be warned - hulls with Siege Deflection will basically be able to ignore this turret, since the 2380 damage will be divided among 10 projectiles, meaning each only does 238 damage, and any hull with built-in Siege Deflection we've seen so far has 300 or more points of it.  This will cut the damage to "minimum". We haven't been told by Kixeye what that minimum damage is, but my bet is that it's around 50.

With the capability to do submerged damage, this turret can also replace your Gargoyles to deter subs - just make sure you have a ship with thermal to spot them.

Overall this seems to have the potential to be a very effective turret for your front lines - even 10 shots of minimum damage is better than a turret that doesn't fire at all, right?

Hydroxide Coated Barrels

This turret special is like Barrel System - it is only effective for Multi Shot weapons, which means Scatterguns.  You can use this effectively on ONLY the Draconian Scattergun and the Basilisk Turret.  

But on those turrets, this will be quite an effective special.  As we learned with the Barrel System, increasing the Multi Shot will increase the damage output of the turret because each additional shot does the same damage as the original shots.  So with the Basilisk, the multi shot causes 12 shots doing 238 damage each instead of 10.  This increases the damage output by 20%... but wait there's more!  Instead of 238 damage, the 30% Corrosive Damage bonus means that each of those 12 shots does 238 x 1.3 = 309.4 damage each.  This means that the 20% from the extra shots and the 30% damage compound, causing an overall damage increase of 56% (not just 50% if the percentages were added).  With the Draconian Scattergun, the multishot is also 10, so the damage increase percentage is the same.


The following chart compares some of the new turret options paired with some possible special choices.

The limited turrets do quite well when compared to their non-limited siblings, but the question I think many players will be asking is - should they use Frostbite or Basilisk Turrets?  

Although the straight DPS of the Frostbite is higher, especially with Eruption Pyre, the 60% - 70% resistance we routinely find on high-end baser fleets will equalize that gap.  The Frostbite will still do more damage per projectile, which is better against Siege Deflection, but the Basilisk will be firing more often with a higher spread, which will be more effective against a moving fleet and probably more effective against the very high Deflection values we expect to see (since more projectiles at minimum damage should do more damage than fewer projectiles).

Fire Support X is a poor alternative to Eruption Pyre, with reduced damage and not much better reload to make up for it.  It also takes more power & lacks the splash boost.

So it's very difficult to make a recommendation as to which is better.  It is likely that some fleets will be more vulnerable to one type or another of these turrets.  I will probably be adding both to my base over time.

For the Scattergun Turrets, Eruption Pyre used to be the best option for enhancing their damage output, but we can see that the Hydroxide Barrels is better. But hey... combining both on a L6 turret might not be too bad either.