Friday, August 7, 2015

Rogue Crew Changes

I think most players are aware of the Rogue Crew changes - if you didn't see it in the Wednesday Battle Pirates Crib show, or the Kixeye Forums, or one of the many Facebook groups, you probably saw an in-game pop-up directing you to claim a free crew from the store.

In a nutshell, the crews have been tweaked into 4 classes of crew: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary.  Some new crews have been added, and others have been duplicated in different classes where they have different bonuses or durations for the different classes.

The "Rogue Crew Rarities" post on the Kixeye forums is probably the best place to get a rundown on all the crews in each category:
(The Common version of Deadeye Destroyers has been removed)

You can now hold up to 50 crews in inventory. Your inventory looks different too (a bit better in my opinion), but some tooltips on the crew name/capability would be nice.

The Crew Store has been changed significantly.  We now can claim one free basic crew per day from the store, but after that it is more expensive (than it was before) to get any sort of crew.  The roll types along with Kixeye's mostly meaningless description of frequency are:  

I say mostly meaningless, because the only description above that has any meaning is "None".  How can we compare "Very Low" to "Medium"?  What is "Better" better than?  Which is more: "Good" or "High"?

Overall, players have reacted very negatively to the changes, and Kixeye has made some tweaks since initial release (see "Increased" & "Decreased" on the chart above).  I don't think these change many players' overall opinions.

Yesterday, since i was full of Uranium and about to finish the Forsaken Mission Elite Tier, I decided to spend 40,000 Uranium on "Advanced" rogue crews and record what I got (40 Advanced rolls, no re-rolls).  I hope this will get us a better understanding of what we can expect without spending gold.  The results were:

Even though one of the changes Kixeye posted was:  
The Uranium cost for the Advanced roll has been reduced to 1000 Uranium (800 for a re-roll) and increased the chances of rolling Rare (2 star) crews. 
... I received no rare crews in 40 Advanced rolls.  My statistics are a bit rusty, but for example, if the chance of getting a rare crew was 2.5%, I would have had a 50/50 chance of getting a rare crew in those 40 rolls.  I think it is likely that the chance of getting a rare crew on an Advanced roll is below 5%, and in general you can probably expect an approximately even split between Common and Uncommon crews (my first 7 rolls were Uncommon, and that streak seemed to throw the results... this is why you need more trials to draw real conclusions).  After all, Kixeye did use the same vague adjective to describe the frequency of Common and Uncommon in Advanced rolls...

Although the crews were not evenly distributed inside each rarity type, I wouldn't draw any conclusions from that.  You wouldn't expect a perfect distribution in any real world trial.  I did appreciate the extra Uncommon Sea Serpents, but not so much all those Lucky Bastards.

So my advice about these crews:
  • Don't spend gold if you don't think it's worth it to you.  
  • With 6 Legendary, 7 Rare, and 14 Uncommon crews, rolling for any particular crew will get real expensive real fast. 
  • If you are full of Uranium, spend it on Advanced crews.  
  • Claim your free daily crew.  
  • If you have crews, USE THEM.  For example, the +24% evade from Advanced Sea Serpents cut a lot of damage from the 85 Stronghold.
  • Salty Dogs becoming Rare really sucks.  Rank is very important for weapon effectiveness. (no advice here, just empathy)
Rockets have also changed, along with being able to store more of them... I'll try to write up those changes in the next couple days.  My quick advice on Rockets: build more of them, use more of them.   And don't forget you need to use the "Load Out" button to actually have a rocket available in combat.

Also, PainTrain from the BPC show put together some surveys to collect player opinion, compile & get it to Kixeye.  Please participate:

Survey 1: Engagement and FM -
Survey 2: Rogue Crews -