Friday, November 14, 2014

Hailstorm, One day in

Well this one is going to be a grind to get all the new stuff.  I'm glad the Frostburn was reduced to 30 Million, but that's still a lot of points.  I'll go through each of the target types and try to give a bit of advice.

World Map Fleets
Mostly unchanged from last time.  If you are under Level 60, and you want to grind something out with instant repair, this may be your best bet.  In a lower level Armor Games (48) account, I have Battle Barge A with Strike N, Strike System 3, Laser Targeting, and Iron Armor to make these instant repair during raids.  They are fairly high ranked by now.  In all of the world targets (except 47), I can take out 2 Vipers or (usually) 1 Interceptor per hit, and leave the Kodiaks or Protonemesis.  The targets break down as follows:

25: 2 Vipers, 2 Interceptors, 1 Kodiak
21,500 points from 3 hits, leave the Kodiak

41: 1 Viper, 1 Interceptor, 1 Nuke Cruiser, 1 Kodiak
32,750 points from 2 hits, leave the Kodiak

43: 2 Vipers, 3 Interceptor, 1 Kodiak
55,250 points from 4 hits, leave the Kodiak

45: 3 Interceptors, 1 Proto
73,500 points from 4 hits, leave the Proto

47: 3 Interceptors, 2 torp towers, 1 Kodiak, 1 Proto
17,400 points from 1 hit (just 1 Interceptor)

The problem is cleanup.  I suspect (but sector 27 wasn't too willing to help) that cloaked subs should be able to clean up the Kodiaks in the 25, 41, and 43 with ease, since the ships with Thermal Detection are gone.  If you want to go this route, maybe you can find someone to help you out.

Someone using this method should be able to reach a Tier 4 weapon with a lot of chair time... good luck if you try it!

Torrent Interceptors seem to be working well against the Kraken.  If you are interested, a video is here:

He used a build with 4 Torrent 3s, and 4 Assault Torpedo Bs, but didn't share the entire build. I also noticed they were Legendary ranked, and he had Bullseye Brigade active.  The tactic I saw on this video is that he made effective use of the zoom level on the world map - when the Kraken went into its deep dive, he would zoom out and look for the Kraken to fire its air launched weapon, then travel to that spot.

Other techniques I am hearing about for the Kraken are Piranha Drones and Zombie subs.

Strike Campaign
I tried this campaign using my lower level account and my instant repair BB-A, and got through the first two targets.  The issue here is that the MCX and Interdictors that come after you at the beginning are fairly tough (for this class of ship).  Each ship would take 2-3 runs to kill (yes per ship).  The interdictors have some sort of torpedo that has a range significantly longer than the 85 range of my Strike Missiles with Strike 3.  Once the ships were dead, the turrets weren't too tough, just requiring a couple more runs.

Possibly Torrents would do better on instant repair ships (front loaded damage)... but I'm not playing around with this too much.

Resource payout from this campaign is very low, especially compared to the world map targets that filled my fleet each time I killed a ship.  This also becomes a problem when you are using instant repair fleets - I probably burned through nearly 10 Million of each resource for each of the first two targets.

Siege Campaign
The Siege Campaign is pretty similar to last time.  A few tweaks I have noticed are that the rocket turrets in targets 1 - 4 were replaced with Disrupter Cannons, and more importantly, many ships have been moved forward so they are very nearly (but not quite) triggered when you enter.

If you are having trouble with ships triggering, press up arrow then down arrow to stop all your ships before pressing the "Let's Go" button to start the combat.

The previous raid, I did the Siege campaign with my Nuke Cruisers led by a JugX decoy.  This raid that combo is working well for me as well, but with the ships up front, I am experimenting with using my Harlock carriers instead (still with the JugX).  I think they do a little better since they have Dragonflys that give the debuff and are more maneuverable.  Some players have been posting that some turrets are using Priority Targeting and ignore decoy ships.  I haven't seen this in the Siege Campaign - my JugX is still an effective decoy.  I checked, and even though it has D3 armor, it still starts out with more health than the Nuke Cruisers.

The Siege campaign is somewhat harder than last time - I have completed it three times so far for 15 - 18 coins per runthrough (about 3.4 Million points each time) , and expect this campaign to be what I do for the bulk of my points. 

Elite Campaign
The Elite campaign has been changed. My first takeaway is that you are swarmed at the start by 3 Interceptors and about 6 Nighthawks.  You need to enter with a fleet that can stand up to subs.  My R5 BC + 4 torrent MCX were not good enough for this challenge... the BC, even with sonar range of 102, did not see the Nighthawks until they had closed well within torpedo range. 

So my only advice is that to start this Campaign, you need a sub hunter fleet with good thermal detection. I can't give much more than that - I hear that although the Protonemesis ships that gave players a lot of trouble last time have been removed, the turrets have been toughened up.  A missile fleet Siege Missile Z would be my best suggestion.

Monster used a JugX Spotting for Mastodons here:
He managed to weather the initial swarm of subs with this fleet, then draws the next group into an island to take them out.

Good luck Pirates - I've got to get back to it!