Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Forsaken Mission Items: Deluge Missile, Reflective Coating, Fuel-Air Munitions

Three new prizes have been released for this week's Forsaken Mission:  Deluge Missiles, Reflective Coating, and Fuel-Air Munitions.

Deluge Missiles:
These missiles come in levels 1, 2, and 3, and are prizes on Tiers 2, 3, and 4.  They work like Downpour Missiles, in that they are used in hybrid torpedo/surface slots, and fire from underwater while the ship/sub is stopped.  When firing from underwater, stealth is reduced.  They differ from Downpours in two key areas: the Deluge is intended to target ships, not turrets, and the range is significantly better.  Let's compare with Downpours and also the surface missile equivalents:

Deluge 1 with SFB3Deluge 2 with SFB3Deluge 3 with SFB3Downpour 1 with SFB3Downpour 2 with SFB3Downpour 3 with SFB3Siege Missile F w/SFB3Assault Missile Z w/SFB3Achilles Missile B w/SFB3
Range24 - 100.124 - 100.124 - 100.124 - 84.524 - 84.524 - 84.588.496.293.6
Bldg Damage3668991722364729003451,000
Bonus Damage4789130000148750
Reload Time5.
Weight +Special (Shipyard 2)166.6333.2499.8166.6333.2666.41,344672952
Bonus Armor0000001500500
Fleet DPS36.368.699.912.016.533.071.857.237.5
Fleet DPS/hton21.820.620.
Building DPS16.631.445.834.447.294.4209.6105.0125.0
Building DPS/hton10.
Build Time (w Off)1h 29m4h 4m16h 19m1h 29m4h 4m16h 19m1d11h37m1d 11h 34m1d10h12m
Flak Evade50%50%50%34%34%34%25%0%0%
Penetrative Bypass25%25%25%25%0%0%0%0%30%
Pre-Fire Delay0.750.750.750.750.750.75000

The anti-ship damage is best of any of the long range missiles, and even respectable compared to launcher/UAV weapons.  With the extremely long range, this would be a great missile weapon (for surface ships even) if it wasn't for the pre-fire delay.  But as-is, this is a weapon that will be used mostly on Reaper subs.  Build time for the Deluge missile is the same at each level as the Downpour missile, but since the Level 3 Deluge is lighter than the Downpour, the fleet build time will end up taking longer.  The smaller versions of the missile are slightly more efficient than the larger, so it will be better for damage and build time to fill weapon slots rather than use the larger missile and leave weapon slots empty.

The obvious use of this missile is to prep fleets out of bases.  With a range of 100, it can do so without entering into thermal detection range, and with some stealth it will be out of range of most sonar as well.  The unknown is the amount of stealth reduction when firing.  But... bases will need both a long-range sonar ship and a weapon that can hit the subs while submerged in order to neutralize Reapers using these weapons.  With its long range and retargeting, the Deadeye Executioner will certainly be valuable in these situations, and the "useless" sonar rating on the Viper and Interceptor might not be so useless after all.  Napalm coverage of launch zones might be another means to damage Deluge subs.

With 7 hybrid weapon slots and plenty of weight capacity, Reapers are the best option for carrying these weapons, and a refit for players who built Downpour Reapers should be straightforward (watch for the lighter Level 3 though).  Barracudas and Stalkers also have hybrid weapon slots, but the Barracuda doesn't have enough weight capacity to be effective, and the Stalker only has two Deluge-capable slots.  A Reaper build is fairly straightforward - using Magnus Drive, SFB3, and Battery 3, the Reaper has enough capacity for 7 Deluge 3 missiles and 4 D2 Armors.  I'm not sure whether D2-S armor will help cut visibility significantly when firing, but D2-S or D2-V are likely the best armor options.!7001000010K00151515151D172O1U1U1U1U1U1U1U0K00151515151D172O1U1U1U1U1U1U1U0K00151515151D172O1U1U1U1U1U1U1U0K00151515151D172O1U1U1U1U1U1U1UdA

At 52 days for 4 Deluge Reapers, this isn't a quick building fleet considering its prep-only role, but it has a lot of potential.

Reflective Coating:
Reflective Coating also comes in levels 1, 2, and 3, and are prizes on Tiers 2, 3, and 4.  This is a hybrid special that combines Evade with Radioactive Resistance.  It reminds me of Agility System with radioactive resistance instead of slow resistance, and the same evade percentage per level, but the system weight is larger.

I'll stack up the Level 3 options against each other:

Reflective Coating 3Agility System 3Guidance Scrambler 3
Total Weight14%10%12%
Radioactive Resist24%00
Stun/Slow Resist050%0
Build Time w/Officer2d 1h 6m2d 1h 6m6h 50m

The Coating and Agility share the long build time and the slightly lower Evade rating with each other.  Reflective Coating is a great anti-launcher addition, whether used for offense against Enforcer bases, or defense against Nuclear Cruisers.  It will be particularly effective with the new Juggernaut X R5 Launcher fleets that have become popular lately.

Fuel-Air Munitions:
This is the first tactical installation we've seen as a prize, expect more in the future.  
Fuel-Air Munitions increases turret explosive damage by 15% and when added to a Outpost or Warehouse, will also increase the Critical chance of a turret Mortar by 15% (Critical hits do double damage, and are usually a 0% chance).  The Critical Hit chance essentially adds another 15% damage when averaged over time.

Like Fire Support, it is a field best used to enhance center island weapons, although these could also increase Cerberus damage.

For players using mortars as their primary center island turret, this is an addition that can work better than Fire Support.  It will provide a 30% overall damage bonus, compared to a 20% overall bonus for Fire Support.  Unfortunately, most players who rely on Mortars aren't reaching Tier 4 regularly, so I don't expect to see this field used very often.

Good luck - I hope you all get the prizes you want... I think the Reflective Coating will be quite popular.

I'm still working on the Retrofit roundup.  Stay tuned!