Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to file a support ticket with Kixeye

There have been some changes in how players access the support system through Kixeye, and I have heard complaints that people can't access the system.  I'll give a step-by-step walk-through on how to file a ticket and how to check the status of your filed tickets.

To file a ticket, go to the Kixeye site, and click the menu button to open the dropdown I show below.  Click Support.

Click on Battle Pirates:

The support ticket area should be in the area I circled below... but since the support site is different than the game site, you need to sign in again with your Kixeye info.  If you play on the Kixeye site just clicking SIGN IN should do it.  If you don't sign in, you don't get the options to file a ticket.  If you never play on Kixeye or use their forums, you may need to register.

After you click SIGN IN, your Kixeye username will appear in the corner, and you will have the options to "Get Support" and "Report Suspected Cheater".  If you need help with an issue, click the Get Support link.  If you want to report a hacker, click the Report Suspected Cheater link (don't bother posting on Facebook).

Clicking Get Support takes you to the page where you fill out your ticket.  I suggest you be clear & concise, proofread your submission, and save the hate for the Butthurt Pirates Facebook page.  Enter relevant details if you can, like if you are having a browser issue, include your browser and version along with your Flash version.

After your ticket is submitted, you will get email updates when your ticket is updated.  Those updates will be sent to your email address which is shown on the bottom of the support page.  Make sure it is right.

To check the status of your ticket, you need to go back to the support site and click on your name, then click on MY REQUESTS.

Here you can see all of your tickets, and their status.  Click on the subject to see the detail of that ticket, along with any answers you may have been provided.

Many of you may have figured this out already, but for those that haven't - I hope this helps!