Thursday, July 24, 2014

Quick Thoughts on the Coax Turret

I don't have time for a full analysis of the Coax Turret until next week, but my quick thoughts are:

  • Nice range on the Anti - overlapping a few of these may be very effective.
  • Nice range and DPS on the Ballistic, looks like a better option than the Howitzer for sure

So overall I'm optimistic, layering a few of these may help against the Grims that many of us have trouble stopping - if you can slow down the incoming Mortar/UAVs and get the fleet to stop or else drive into a close range turret, you are helping your defenses.  Think about how often your current cerbs/howys/disrupters are doing that....

Of course, I've been wrong before - I was pretty upbeat on the Harpoons when they were first released, until I saw that a 30% slowdown was pointless.  We'll see.