Sunday, April 20, 2014

Riptide - Half Done

I don't have any brilliant advice for Riptide - I'm not really promoting this post, but for those of you who keep a close eye on this blog, here's my thoughts.

Spectres & Crypt Keepers- Best Choice
Crypt Keepers and Assault B Torp Specs with Engine3, (not speed system) seem to be the best option for A sets - I haven't heard of too much else that can do it with low repairs.  I finally coined my B Torp refits over Siege Torps and that helps some, but with Speed System 3 and only 1 V armor, I could use more speed.  If you have the ECM, 61 - 63 can be done with no crew.

Atlas - Pretty Good
I've also heard (but not seen) people doing well with Atlas fleets. Many of the enemy ships have very high evade, making launchers weaker, but the UAVs ignore evade, and the long range should help.

General Advice that you hopefully have seen already:
- Let the Dracs and Reavers fight it out if you can, especially if you are using subs.  For 45s and 65s, this goes double.
- Take advantage of retreat.
- Battery Specs (no ECM, no crew, no Cat) can do decent in the 41 & 43 once the dics are gone.  Let the dics separate from the MCX & use a fast ballistic, missile, or launcher fleet to pick those off - then retreat & bring the subs for the MCX & NC. Subs can also pick off the napalm ship and the Grimshine Berzerker.
- Never attack the Grimshine when it is near another ship (unless you are using hidden subs).
- My Microwave Disruptor that I mentioned in the pre-raid article was a total bust.  Not sure what Robot was thinking there.

My Raid
I've lowered my sights a bit... I'm going for the High-Lander NC and the Chaos Mortar only.  The Berserkers and the Grimshine Berserker (although awesomely destructive) are not my style, since their real power comes from getting shot up.  I've spent more than enough on this raid.... I'll probably finish tonight.  Good luck to you all.

Next Post 
I think my next post will be on Monday 4/28: I'll look at countermeasure ships, and try to see what sort of advantage (if any) a dedicated countermeasure ship will give you.