Saturday, February 1, 2014

Forsaken Mission 29 Jan 2014 - Assault Disruptor D33-D

For the third and last part of my Forsaken Mission Prize analysis, let's look at the new Assault Disruptor D33-D.

Assault Disruptor D33-D
Each of the Draconian Blueprint weapons has a baseline set of Statistics, and then each of the variants tends to tweak it with a bonus.  The Assault Disruptor is really a variant of the Assault Cannon with a bonus effect of slowing enemy ships.  Lets look at the stats:

(click to enlarge)

In terms of just damage, the new Disruptor is like the most basic assault cannon - the D33-A.  Until the Z version came out, most players preferred the X or P versions for the extra damage over the small amount of extra armor (All assault cannons give at least 40 armor).  The D33-Z version of the Assault Cannon does nearly twice the amount of damage per weapon (DPS), and does 40% more DPS per weight.    

FYI: DPS matters more if you are not weight limited on your ship build, DPS per weight matters more if you are near your ship or your fleet max weight.  I multiply the DPS per weight by 100 so it is easier to understand.  Ballistic ships are sometimes weight limited, sometimes not.  See my Sawfish post for an example of this.

More FYI: I keep these statistics for every weapon in the game... I'll drip them out over time, and may share the whole spreadsheet sometime.  

Since the D33 Z or X cannons do more damage (which is what you want your weapons to do), I'll run through some scenarios and try to decide if the Assault Disruptor is worth using.  One key point is that the D33-Z has the same range as all the other ballistics - it won't help you catch a fleet you can't catch already.

FvF - Ballistic vs Ballistic enemy:  In general, these battle go as follows - ballistic ships stack up (or don't) then charge to get into range.  Fire until one fleet is dead.  Here the D33-D won't help much.  once you are in range, you want to do as much damage to the other guy as possible.  Exception: if they have a piranha along with the guns - the D33-D might hold them off.  FORGET IT

FvF - Ballistic vs Subs:  Subs will try to get in range and hit you while submerged, and then get out of range before surfacing.  Since the D33-D wont affect underwater subs, you're likely best off doing as much damage while they are on the surface.  Even if you slow the subs down, the effect will wear off while they are underwater.  

FvF - Ballistic vs. Base Fleet:  These usually fall pretty quick to ballistic ninjas  (except Hellstrikes which match your range).  You really won't get a benefit from slowing these ships down.  FORGET IT

Anti Reavers:  Might help here against the small/med ships. HB3 (50% range bonus) + 10% ship bonus gives these a range of 67.2.  So with Battleships, Rays, BCX, Vindicators, or Sawfish, a bunch of D33-D could hold off those pesky reavers.  I still think an Engine Disrupter Arb (range 66) is more effective.  MAYBE

Anti-Drone on a Creeper Base Fleet:  Not sure here if you can charge in and ignore Piranha drones with these.  I wouldn't count on it, and you'd need another gun to deal more damage than just the D33-D.  

Base Guard: On a Rampart or Goliath, you won't match range with Siege weapons, but these may be effective for slowing down those pesky Hellstrikes, especially if you don't have the Disruptor turret.  On the ships I mentioned above with HB3, you'll have a range of 79.4.  They will cover a lot more area than an Engine Disruptor field.  However, each hit only slows one ship down by 5% - you may need to cluster a few D33-D for them to be effective.  USE IT